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Tamahome finds Miaka after Nakago's "rape"

Scene 66

Volume: # 9
Episode: # 36

Miaka has the Shinzaho stolen from her by Ashitare, who is not actually dead. Miaka chases after, but collapses soon. When she recovers, Miaka sees "Taiitsukun" (Tomo) who tells her that she can recover the Shinzaho by having sex with Nakago. Miaka then sets off to find Nakago and recover the Shinzaho. After reaching Nakago's tent, Miaka is overpowered by Nakago. Some time later, Tamahome finds where out Miaka is; Nakago stops Tamahome and tells Tamahome that Nakago had sex with Miaka. After a battle with Nakago, Tamahome finds Miaka.

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